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As a fellow creative, I understand how scary it may seem to let go of some control which is why I offer new clients a trial edit of up to 40 images – absolutely free of charge.⁣ I want you to feel comfortable with the process and confident with your outsourcing decision.

My goal is to match your beautiful style and ease some of the overwhelm so that you and your business can flourish!

All editing is done in Lightroom Classic (LrC) using Smart Previews and is priced per image. Don’t worry – if you’re not familiar with Smart Previews, I provide PDF and video instructions explaining what they are and how to use them.

Standard Editing

Application of your preset/colour profile
Develop panel adjustments (e.g. temperature/tint, exposure etc)
HSL/colour adjustments
Cropping + straightening
Online scheduler to book your edits
Simple drag + drop file transfers
Quick + easy online system to provide feedback
3-5 business day turnaround
Open communication where feedback is encouraged


Depending on current availability, culling services may also be available upon request for an additional fee

The outsourcing process

How does it work?


get in touch

Fill out the enquiry form and let me know what you’re looking for. I'll then send through my Pricing & Services Guide so you can learn more about my process.


prepare & upload

Prepare anchor images + Smart Previews, export your catalogue, then upload to my online portal.
Don’t worry, I provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this.


grab a cuppa

Sit back and relax while I edit your photos one-by-one with care and attention to detail, matching your unique style.



Download the edited catalogue via the link I send you, import it back into your original catalogue in Lightroom and you’re done!

Frequently asked questions

do you edit in photoshop or lightroom?

At this stage, I only edit in Adobe Lightroom Classic (the Creative Cloud subscription version). My workflow has been streamlined in this program to ensure consistency, quality and efficiency (which also results in a quick turnaround for you!).

What kind of adjustments do you make?

I generally use the following tools to replicate your style in Lightroom: Application of your preset (if you use one), temperature + tint, exposure correction, white balance correction, shadows + highlights, colour adjustments, sharpening + noise reduction, crop + straighten.

What are anchor images?

Anchor images are a selection of photos you edit before sending me your catalogue. They are an important step as they show me your editing preferences and help me learn your unique style, ensuring each image is consistent and truly reflects your brand.

Do I need to send my presets to you? 

Yes, I will need any presets you use as they allow me to match your editing style. Don’t worry, your presets will ONLY be used for your work.

Can you edit one or two images?

Sorry, I don’t offer casual editing for one or two images. I dedicate a lot of time and care to each client. Developing long term relationships is important to me and allows me to deliver the best editing experience possible.

Do I send you RAW files?

Nope! By using Smart Previews, there’s no need to send RAW files. It’s actually very easy and efficient, plus it saves you from having to send over large file sizes. Don’t worry, I’ll send you instructions on how to create and export these if you’re not familiar.

do you have a minimum number of photos you edit? 

Catalogues under 150 images will be edited at a flat rate of $75 AUD (approx. $50 USD).

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Working one-on-one with a boutique editor provides a tailored experience and high quality, consistent edits. For this reason, I only take on a handful of clients at a time to ensure that each is given the attention and quality they deserve. 

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